Death is Hard.

Let me help you recover.
I have a proven system of support
and powerful information.
My Widows Recovery System has
helped hundreds of widowed women
heal and rebuild their lives.

Isn’t it time for you to get the help you need?


“I couldn’t have done this without you. Now, I am not just a widow. I am a woman with a life!” Susan, NC

You’ve been trying your best to get through this death. You’re smart. You’ve thought through every aspect of their death a million times. You think you’re doing the right things but you’re still stuck! Why isn’t it working?

“Every time we talk you say just what I need to hear! Your answers are so simple and clear! I can put them to work right away!” Barb, Iowa

Stop beating yourself up that you’re still “not over it.” The people who say that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. You’re not doing anything wrong! You deserve the right combination of information and support to move forward. You deserve a coach who believes in you and knows how to help you do this!  Widowhood is THE biggest life changing experience ANYONE can experience.

Who am I? I am your coach, your guide if you will. I’m a widow, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, author, nationally known speaker, retreat leader, and TEDx speaker. I rebuilt my life after my husband’s death and I will help you rebuild, too. You CAN be happy again and I can help you do it!

Here’s what I already know about you: You are a deeply intelligent, loving, and forward-thinking woman who wants to stop feeling sad and frozen, afraid and alone.  I know that because you are here, and you’ve found me! Let’s do this!


It’s a jungle out there. I’ll support you as
you release the tight hold that grief
has on your heart


Do you feel lost without him?
Please don’t be the 2nd victim of his death!
(Not everyone survives widowhood.)
Let me help you create a new life.
I’ve helped hundreds of others.

“The program is so well-designed.”
Donna, NC


Are you tired of feeling sad and frozen?
Does your inability to move forward frighten you?
Are you so overwhelmed you get stuck?
Guess what? That’s normal. You’ve been through a lot.

Let’s work together.
“You’ve helped me understand that I’m
not going crazy, it’s just that something crazy
just happened to me.” Sue, Nevada
I have the information and support you need to
get out of the cycle of grief and begin to create
a new life for yourself. Help
is just a phone call away.