Hi there. I’m Donna Marie Todd.

I’m the author of
Navigating Loss: A Survival Guide
for the Newly Widowed

I’m also a widow and
a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®.

My heart aches at the thought of what
you are going through.
I understand
because I’ve been there, too. 

I was just 55 when my healthy-as-a-horse, athletic husband died. Our son was newly sixteen. I was alone. And I collapsed inside. I barely made it through each day. My hopes and dreams for our future died with him. And no one seemed to know how I could get through it.  I worked with a hospice bereavement team to get through my initial grief. But no one knew how I was supposed to rebuild my life. (Not my hospice counselor, not my doctor, not my pastor…)

But I knew I HAD to rebuild my life!
I didn’t want to be the second victim
of my husband’s death.

So I researched and studied, I interviewed people and I read books. And over the course of two years I used what I’d learned in my research to build a system that allowed me to rebuild my life, one step at a time. Then I wrote it all down and began teaching my process to other widowed persons. That was over five years ago. I have now helped hundreds of widowed persons across the United States!

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Family Hospice Bereavement Team
uses my
Navigating Loss book and video series
to help their widowed clients.

This program has been reviewed and approved by
chaplains, bereavement teams,
psychologists, and physicians.

“I couldn’t have done this without you. Now, I am not just a widow. I am a woman with a life!” Susan S, NC (Retired LCSW)

“Navigating Loss gave me comfort in knowing I was not losing it and it gave me a road map for healing.” Carl P, TN (Retired Registered Nurse)

“Navigating Loss points out true north with a roadmap for the widowed person’s journey of grief. It’s packed with information, insight and research-based practices. This is a solid resource.” Jim Kulma, MDiv, Hospital Chaplain and Supervisor of Spiritual Care, the MetroHealth System, Cleveland, OH

Now here you are, in the same place I was. You can get through this and I want to help you! I know the loneliness can be utterly overwhelming and I know you may be exhausted from the care-giving and trauma you experienced when your partner died.

I want to share powerful things you can do to help yourself! New scientific discoveries are arriving every day and they all point to one thing: You can re-imagine your life. You can recover from trauma. I’ve done it and you can, too! But it’s hard to gather that much energy on your own. Let alone spend years researching all this science about grief and recovery and then testing it all out.

I’ve done the research and the testing so you don’t have to.


Buy the book here for $20.00 including shipping.
(Also available from your local bookseller or Amazon)

Buy the book and the video series for $49.00

“The program is so well-designed.”
Donna, NC

Let my supportive, affordable program guide the way as you recover from the death of your partner and rebuild your new life. This program includes a copy of my book, Navigating Loss: A Survival Guide for the Newly Widowed. Designed to be used weekly, each of its eighteen chapters will show you ways to work with your grief, recover your health, organize your finances, calm your stress, and make good decisions for the life ahead of you now. We’ll put your book in the mail the day you order. You’ll receive 4 months of support from the book alone!

But you’ll also receive the acclaimed, six-part Navigating Loss video series that is designed to walk with you as you recover from the death of your partner. Each video ends with a soothing guided meditation that will help you release stress and rebuild your energy. You’ll have access to your video series as soon as you order!


Get the information packed book (this is a total “how to” guide)
and the informative, 6-part video series. Watch each episode online as many times as you like.
All this for only $49

You’ll receive this information packed video series:

Video One – Introduction to the Program

In this video, you’ll discover that you are not alone (over a million people are widowed in the US every year!) and you’ll learn why the grief you are feeling now is so much harder than anything you’ve experienced before.

Video Two – Understanding Grief

Learn how to manage the grief that came with your partner’s death by using a grief container and other techniques.

Video Three: Stress and Grief, a Deadly Combination

The stress of widowhood impacts your immune system. Learn ways to combat this stress and nourish your immune system.

Video Four: Facing What You’ve Lost and Depression

Understand how your grief might be changing and how it is related to depression. Learn an easy way to combat your grief-related depression.

Video Five: Letting Go and Planning for Special Occasions

How to gently let go of your partner’s possessions, a little bit at a time. Learn how to plan for holidays and special occasions so you don’t get ambushed by grief.

Video Six: Combatting Loneliness and Dating

Ways to combat loneliness and things to consider before dating or remarriage, plus an overview of what you’ve learned in the series.


You owe it to yourself to claim your one precious life. Let me help.

“Your answers are so simple and clear!
I can put them to work right away!” Barb, Iowa

Stop beating yourself up that you’re “not over it.” The people who say that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. You’re not doing anything wrong! You don’t have the right combination of information and support to move forward.

“Love a widow’s tale….. I am twice a widow, once when I was very early married – raised my kids for 20 years, remarried, and then lost my 2nd husband on our 5th anniversary. It’s now been 6 years and I use your site to encourage other widows!” Twice Widowed

I want you to understand and learn how to manage your grief. I want to help you move forward. I want you to know that you are not “guilty” of anything and that guilt should not be your companion anymore.

Who am I?  I’m a widow, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, author, nationally known speaker, retreat leader, and TEDx speaker.

And here’s what I know about YOU: You’re smart, you’re ready to stop feeling sad and frozen, afraid and alone.  Come on! Let’s start working on your new, happy life!

“You’ve helped me understand that I’m
not going crazy! Something crazy
 happened to me.” Sue, Nevada

You can let go of sadness and grief. You can make
a new life for yourself and I can show you how.