A Widows Tale Retreat

REGISTRATION $249 Bring a friend and get a free dinner after the retreat in Black Mountain! REGISTER NOW.

Be a part of this intimate gathering with other amazing widowed women for seven guided hours of fun, food, fellowship, and stories. Expect frank discussions, lots of laughter, and new ideas about how to move forward. This relaxing and rejuvenating retreat will give you a community of supportive new friends and the information you need to create a new life for yourself.

“Donna Marie is an excellent presenter.
The program is so well-designed.”

Donna Null

Wear casual clothes and be prepared to have FUN. You’ll learn the “whys” behind lingering grief, explore self-care techniques that are proven to relax your body and connect you more deeply with yourself, and discover new ways to overcome inertia and combat loneliness. Most of all, know that at this retreat, with other widows, we all “get it.” Here, we honor each woman’s journey and encourage each other to live in the here and now with joy.

“What I liked most was not only the sharing with other widows, which is SO wonderful, but also receiving the expertise of a widow leader. Just GO!”

Susan Smialowicz
“This retreat was SO useful – lean into it. The whole SELF LOVE piece was so revealing!”
Betsy Slat, PA
“Sharing stories created a lot of bonding. I received the encouragement of others.”
Janet Larson, PA
“This retreat will help you move on with your life in a positive way.”
Karen Stanley
“Being with others who “know” what you are going through is so important and helpful!”
Debbie Rowan
“This retreat was very soothing to my soul.”
Ani Baumgarner

Come be a part of this very special day of healing! A full 7 hours of love, encouragement, understanding, and healing.

Registration Fee: $249 (Includes take-home workbook, all retreat materials, breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Some of us may go out to dinner in the Black Mountain historic district after the retreat. BRING A FRIEND AND GET A FREE POST-RETREAT MEAL IN THE HISTORIC DISTRICT!)