About A Widow’s Tale

DSC_0207Do you feel alone? Discouraged?
Do you wonder if you’re making the right decisions?

Recovering from the death of your spouse is the hardest thing you will ever do. It is the #1 life stressor! When your partner dies, your whole world changes. Your healing and recovery will take time and lots of support. You’ve come to the right place to get the help you need so let’s get started!

The Widows Recovery System

Widowhood is a difficult journey and  each widow’s grief is unique. It’s important to honor this.

A Widows Tale retreats bring widowed women together to share and to heal. At the retreats, we’re all widowed so we all “get it.”

The Widows Recovery System is a personalized recovery system that is designed for widows who are ready to move forward. After a free assessment by phone, we’ll develop a recovery plan that supports YOU with the information, resources, proven practices and one-on-one support you need to recover. You don’t have to do this alone! I’m here to help you! Want to learn more? Click here to book your free call.

A Widows Tale Retreats
and Workshops

These half-day and full-day programs are available as sponsored events to churches, hospices, hospitals and medical providers. These retreats give the widowed women of your community a sacred space for sharing their stories of loss, and provide valuable information about grief and recovery. The retreat also helps them form an instant community of understanding women who all “get it.”

Click the rose below to watch Donna Marie’s TEDx talk about harnessing the power of your story.

TEDx logo“A new program is offering support to widowed women. A Widows Tale was founded in 2014 with a grant from the National Storytelling Network by Donna Marie Todd, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, magazine publisher, professional  storyteller and widow.” Mountain Express, October 2015

What do widows have to say about the Widows Recovery System and A Widows Tale retreats and workshops?

“Donna Marie provided pragmatic ways to survive and begin to live again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Robin, Nashville TN

“I learned to step back, slow down and stop my reaction to the situation…great teacher and researcher.” Barbara, Asheville NC

“You’ll learn useful and effective coping tools to deal with stress and grief.” Ida-Anne, NC

“Hi Donna Marie! This is the second time I have experienced Your Magic and it was a splendid day…one which could have been “maudlin” actually gave all of us such joy!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Leslie, Charlotte, NC

Are you lonely, anxious, feeling overwhelmed? Well guess what? That’s normal for a widow. I truly understand what you’re going through and how hard it is. I imagine your riends and family have tried to help but, unless they’ve survived widowhood, they don’t understand what it takes to move forward. I do and I developed the Widows Recovery System to help you manage the stress you feel, reboot your emotional, physical and spiritual health and navigate your grief so that you can reclaim your health and happiness.

“What I liked was not only the sharing with other widows, which is SO wonderful, but also receiving the expertise of a widow leader. I would tell other widows to GO!!” Susan

small me and dogs webYou are dealing with an overwhelming situation.  You need and deserve this support.

Learn how to stop the cycle of repetitive worries and fear that you are experiencing and take control of your environment and lifestyle. You don’t have to do this alone! With the Widows Recovery System, you’ll receive one-on-one support you need to recover.

Please don’t wait. Chances are you won’t feel better tomorrow if you don’t do something to help and support yourself today!

“Donna Marie is an excellent presenter. The program is so well-designed.”
Donna Null

“It’s worth the time to do this when you want to move forward.”
Anne Anderson

“It’s excellent and empowering! Be open – try this!”
Retreat Participant Cappy Tosetti

The support you need to start building a sane, gentle and strong new life is right here, right now! Don’t wait! Email Donna Marie today to schedule a free recovery phone consultation. Help is just a call away!