Are You Angry With Your Spouse?

 Don’t feel guilty if you’re feeling angry at your spouse. It’s a natural response to the situation you’ve been thrust into.

Women are taught to hide their anger (sadness and crying are more acceptable female emotions.). But running from your anger or not talking about it with someone you can trust  is dangerous when you’re grieving because it keeps you from being real with yourself. And if you can’t be real with yourself, you’re not going to be able to heal and move forward.

Anger is the twin cousin of fear. Often, when we are afraid our go-to emotion is anger, because it helps us feel more powerful. Releasing fear is an important practice in moving forward and embracing life. You can use the Temple of the Heart guided meditation to decompress from fear.

How are you managing your anger? In the Widows Recovery System, you’ll use a proven process to release yourself from fear and receive the loving support you need to let go and rebuild.

Learn more and get free of what’s hurting you inside.



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