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As widows, we have to take care of ourselves. We are our own best (and often) only advocate. The idea today comes from A Widows Tale retreat participant and all-around-amazing woman Cappy Tosetti. Cappy’s husband was a family doctor who developed a program for senior cognitive development, which she now teaches at Roads’ Scholar programs. I’ve already put her idea to use, and suggest you do the same! Cappy will be one of our  “Navigators” on the new Navigating Loss private Facebook page for widows. Stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, this is a timely and wise idea!

“Like a good Girl Scout… needs to be prepared. Pregnant women do it……why not an older person? No babies on the horizon, but I will have a packed duffle bag ready to grab if ever I find myself headed to the hospital or rehabilitation center.

Decided today this needs to be ready.

A dear friend was rushed to the hospital last Friday after a serious fall. Yesterday she was transported to a rehab center where she will be staying for quite some time, concentrating on physical therapy and building up her stamina. She asked me to stop by her house to gather some clothing and toiletries. Fortunately, she is a very organized individual …..every drawer is neatly arranged with socks and underwear in perfect order. I cringe thinking about anyone trying to match my socks.

As we age, it’s important to have our paperwork in order……why not our jammies, too.
So Into the duffle bag I will pack a supply of socks, undies, a robe, some comfy clothing, plus a baggie filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, earplugs, Rolaids, cough drops, nail-clippers, etc.

This is especially important for those individuals living alone. I plan to label the bag and hang it in an easy-to-reach location……a good friend can grab it in a jiffy. I will also have instructions handy for caring for or boarding my dogs…..with all their pertinent information. And, a list of friends and family co tact numbers. A notebook binder can easily be tucked in with all the items.

Hopefully the bag will never have to be used. But, I will feel better knowing it’s there……ready to go!

Even those living with someone might consider packing a bag, especially knowing you will have what you need and like when away at the hospital.

Being prepared makes sense.” By Cappy Tosetti (Connect on Facebook!)

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