Cutting Yourself Some Slack

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by thoughts of what you “should” be doing or “could” be doing, especially when you’re a widow and you’re trying to do everything alone.

Sneaky self-criticism often slides into the mind and questions you relentlessly: “What makes you think you can do that? (Insert spouse’s name here) was the one who knew how to do that, not you! How will you know if this will work or not? Remember, you can’t afford to mess this up!”

When this familiar dialogue starts up, interupt it with the power of third person language. It’s a very powerful process that helps you have self-empathy and understanding.

Instead of: “What makes you think you can do that?” Try this: “The reason she’s wondering if she can do that is because that was something he always did. She’s afraid she’ll do it the wrong way because he wanted to do it himself, but look at all the household things she managed. I think she can do it!”

Third person language is just one of the powerful tools you will learn with my coaching program.

Remember: the most powerful words you hear are the ones you tell yourself. Pay attention to the way you speak to yourself and for heaven’s sake, be kind to you!


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