Destroying Negative Programming

Remember the old television show “Mission Impossible?” Remember how the agent would get his assignment on a cassette tape and once he’d heard it, the tape would self-destruct and go up in smoke?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that with all the negative tapes that run around in your head? Wouldn’t it be cool if all those negative messages people gave you that said you weren’t smart enough or capable enough or attentive enough just caught on fire and burned to white ash? You know what I think? I think setting them on fire is a lot better than letting them run your life.

I’ve worked a lot on my old negative tapes. I haven’t found them all, but each time I find one, I close my eyes and see that Mission Impossible tape catching fire and as the smoke rises up from the tape, I release that self-limiting idea.

The question is: How many negative messages do you really need in your life? How are these old messages of you not being enough, not being good enough, attractive enough, smart enough helping you?

The worst part is that they’re as mean and useless now as they were then. They’re sneaky, too. Have you noticed that they always start playing just when you’re trying something new? Yeah, it’s a real “GOTCHA!”

Negative tapes stink. They show up when you’re trying to rebuild after a tremendous loss and constantly make you question your own strength. They arrive when you’re debating a new career path to remind you that you’re not smart enough or young enough to start something new. They tell you you’ll never be the same when you’re trying to recover from an illness and wonder aloud why, at your age, you would even think about that new exercise program. Are you kidding?  Older women aren’t attractive no matter what they do. They’re insidious and should be labeled for what they are: HIGHLY DANGEROUS!

Burn them I say! Burn them all! When a negative tape starts playing the “You’ll never be able to…” message , just TORCH IT!

Seriously! Just torch it. Because you know what? Life is too short to spend it listening to any message that doesn’t have your best interest at heart. If a thought isn’t on your side, it isn’t worth keeping.

And while we’re on the subject of trying new things, if you’re looking for a guide in your journey back from loss, I’d be honored to help you. We can talk by phone about what that might look like. Email me and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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