Do You Know How to Comfort Yourself?

When you’re deeply grieving, it’s tempting to turn to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors to comfort yourself through it. It’s hard to find knowledgeable and loving support (at the same time!).

But there are scientifically proven techniques you can use to identify what you need and then give yourself the comfort you are craving without turning to drugs or alcohol or binge watching TV.

Once you learn how to identify the emotions that are sitting just below the surface, and the techniques for calming yourself, you can safely move through your grief and loneliness and learn to give yourself what you need.

No one can hold your hand through this process 24/7. It’s not realistic. People want to help but they really don’t know how. Surviving widowhood is kind of a specialized activity.

But you can find loving support and information you need to know with the Widows Recovery System. Explore how to help yourself heal today. Be willing to invest in your own happiness.

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