Drowning in Grief?

Grief can be suffocating. Overwhelming. And you can’t shut it up forever. When you try to shut it down, it sabotages you. (Or, embarrasses you in public with a grief burst!)

Do you know that 70% of widowed women become chronically ill or die within 3 years of their spouse? (That’s a CDC statistic by the way. Many doctors think it’s actually a higher percentage than that.)

Grief is a necessary phase of loss. You can’t skip it. It’s not like breakfast. (Well, it sort of is, but it’s not good for you to skip breakfast either!) Grief ebbs and flows. One day, you’ve got this! The next, you can’t get out of bed. What’s a girl to do?

Knowledge is power, honey. The Widows Recovery System gives you the information and support you need so YOU have the power to take charge of your healing AND your future.

Created by a widow and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, it’s a proven system for moving through grief into new life.

“Thank you for another meaningful, helpful, and insightful sacred support call. Our times together energize me. I feel optimistic after each conversation and know where to go and how to get there.”
Karen, Hawaii

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