Embracing Another Life Portal

I did it. I ordered two cruise berths to Mexico. To see Tulum, the Mayan city that has fascinated me for years. To take my son, our son, to see it. We are mystics together. It’s his college graduation gift from his Dad and me.

Of course it will just be the two of us. His Dad isn’t here anymore. If he were, he’d want to Zip-line the ruins. I suppose I should be grateful that we get to go by ferry and bus instead.

It was an expense I could barely afford and my internal tabulator was perched on my shoulder screeching, “That’s too much! You could buy a 1980 Toyota for that!” Yes, true. But could I afford not to leap through this portal before my man-child leaves? No. Ultimately, I couldn’t. I was compelled to do it.

Too many life portals get missed. We think we’ll have time to do it later and then we don’t. Our lives are filled with regrets over moments not taken. It’s a big lesson I learned from my husband’s death: LIVE LIFE NOW!

Of course there were a few obstacles. Like the fact that we realized (after I bought our berths) that his passport had expired when he turned 18. The young boy who looked up from the passport wasn’t the same one seated next to me with a beard and a scientist’s perpetual puzzled frown. So he got to go to Atlanta to get a new one and pay a rush fee and everything. We all have to learn about the federal government sometime, might as well be now.

So off we’ll go. Mom and son. Off on another adventure together. No cell phones (Do you know what they charge you to stay connected on board? You can buy a used VW for that!) just Mom and son and a journey into the jungle to explore a world left by the ancients. An appropriate last trip before his adult life begins. I love being mother and son mystics.

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