Feeling Trapped by the Memories?

Do you spend more time reliving images of the past, the days you had together, the life you shared, than you do in the present moment?

It’s a pretty big side effect of widowhood and a common experience for most of us. After all, when you were married for 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 years a lot of your life is sitting back over your shoulder. And it’s really tempting to keep looking at it. Especially when the future feels so uncertain.

HOW you look at the life you lost determines a lot about how well you will heal. Sound odd? It’s not.

You see, our brains like routine. You had routines in your relationship that are now disrupted and gone forever. But your mind doesn’t know the difference between what was and what is and what you want for the future. You have to tell it what to think. Make no mistake, what you think about is what you receive. To heal and move forward, you want to help your mind let go of the slide show and visualize a new future. It’s very possible to do this, it’s neuro science.

When you examine what you’ve lost with a skilled guide and a reliable grieving process you can understand and release that unending slide show of your past life and move into your future.

I am a coach for Widowed Women. As a  Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and fellow widow, I can help you navigate all these memories and move your life forward.

You can hope it gets better or you can invest in your future.

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