Hit Pause

The pause is here. Have you felt it? Nature is taking a deep, cool breath and resting for a minute before moving onto the next thing.   Maybe you could do that, too. Maybe you could take in a deep breath and prepare for what’s next.  

A cool breeze is slipping around the edges of the heat that has baked too many of us this summer. It’s sliding up just at sunset, giving us a whiff of what’s next. Like a cosmic resetting, a resettling of what is.  

I don’t know about you, but I often underestimate the stresses of summer. I always think I’ll “just relax;” only to have conferences, trips, vacays, tight schedules, too much sunshine, sunscreen, and heat pile up on me like a curse instead of a respite. What the heck happened to my anticipated relaxation?  

It was just more delicious self-delusion! Like when I make plans with a friend to go to the old-fashioned, hand-dipped ice cream shop where I’m going to order three flavors in a waffle cone only to look at the calorie count and go for the no-sugar-added, mini-yogurt in a pill cup.  

After all the teary-hot racing around doing nothing stress of summer, I welcome autumn. It holds my birth month (October) and the closer it gets, the better I feel. (I’m curious. Does that happen to you in your birth month?) While I’m not an astrology person, I find the renewed energy around the time I was birthed quite fascinating. (Witnessing death has changed my opinion about life. A subject for another time perhaps.)  

So today I’m doing it. I’m just breathing into that quiet pause nature is offering. As the summer insects sing their closing chorus, I want to sit in that space and rest.  

Once again we’re in transition whether we planned to be or not. (Have you noticed God doesn’t really care whether you’re ready or not?)   God lets nature push us along. She gives us visual clues, changes the landscape with color so we don’t miss the unfolding of the transition.

While nature is ever-changing, we experience transitions, too: birth, school, graduation, work, marriage, babies, work, illness, and then when we least expect it, death.  

And each little transition is sacred. Each one deserves to be held in our hearts and celebrated for the special moment it is. So don’t miss this one. Sit with nature and take a deep breath. Don’t worry about getting lost there. Life will push you along soon enough!  

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