How Kind Are You to You?

Here’s a great question to start your new year. Try to answer it honestly.

How kind are you to you?

I ask this question because it really matters. How kind you are to yourself matters all the time of course, but when you’re trying to recover from an illness, a set back, or worse yet, a death, it really matters.

Loving kindness to the self can feel so foreign to our all-American way of persevering with our “No pain, no gain” mentality, 3-day bereavement leave and the highest level of depression in the world.

Supporting your own well being with kindness is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health. And I want you to be healthy in this new year!

So look at this list and pick one of these practices to try on this year:

Hot tea and reading a chapter in a devotional book before bed

A 30-minute walk in a park at least 3 days a week

Making three healthy meals a week from scratch

Taking a restorative yoga class once a week

Using the 4-7-8 breath when you’re stressed at work or at home.

Which one did you pick? Did more than one seem appealing? Great! Did you feel that little spark of hope light up in your heart just now when you picked something from this list?

Our wise self knows that we need self-nurture. If we don’t provide it, we often become ill or depressed (Not a fun way to be in the dark days of winter!).

If part of what you need this winter is someone to get your back and be there as you move forward, let’s talk by phone and see. The call is free. A new Widows Recovery System starts this month. It might be just the thing you need in the new year!


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You are so right….we spend so much time taking care of others, kids, grands and when our spouses were here, them, that we leave ourselves out of the equation. I found that for the first time this winter I allowed myself a ‘binge’ tv afternoon with my granddaughter (who had a yen to watch Parenthood). I actually read a book one afternoon without getting up after the first chapter to clean and committed to a weekly yoga class. After the traumas we’ve all been through, being kind to ourselves, in whatever small or big ways we need, is not just a nice thing – at times, it’s a necessity. Keep up the great thoughts, Donna!


Being kind to yourself is such an empowering practice Mari! Glad you’re doing yoga (not sure what I did before I found it!) and giving yourself the love you have given so endlessly to others.

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