I don’t know who I am without my husband.

You and your husband were a team. Now half the team is gone. No wonder you don’t know who you are.

I was married for 23 years. My husband was my business partner. When he died every aspect of my life changed. It took some time to figure out who I was without him. A lot of time.

Because no one knew how to help me.

I own every book on widowhood that Amazon sells.

My friends wanted to help, but they didn’t know how. My grief counselor was great! He helped me with my grief. But he didn’t know how to rebuild my life, and neither did I.

As a magazine publisher and a retreat leader, I knew I needed a system. I researched recovery methods, interviewed experts and developed a whole person approach. After much trial and error, I had a system that worked. I’m honored to share it with you.

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