I Don’t Want to be Sad Anymore

Is your sadness often overwhelming? Do you ever wonder if there’s more to your sadness than grief? Do you worry if you’re grieving or depressed? Well, I interviewed an experienced counselor with both psychiatric hospital experience and 14 years as a hospice bereavement counselor and he explains the difference in this podcast. Give it a listen so you can learn the differences between grief and depression.

I hate to tell you this but grief isn’t something that you just “get over.” It’s something you learn to live with.

You will never forget him.

Your life has to be about you now. If you don’t take charge of your recovery, you risk chronic illness and death. That sounds awful but it is true.

You’re smart, hard working, and proactive.

Why become a sad statistic?

The world cannot afford to lose you and the contributions you still have to make. Let’s work through your grief together so that doesn’t happen.

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