I feel so alone.

Loneliness is the worst thing about being widowed. It’s hard. Who can you talk things over with now? Who encourages you when you’re down?

“Going through this program has given me so much insight into who I am, who I can become and where I am meant to go in this life.” B Crowder, Iowa

Friends and family want to help, but they don’t really know what you need. In fact, people often say the dumbest things. Like, “Shouldn’t you just be getting over this by now?” Click the screen to watch a comedy short about the dumb things they say…

The Widows Recovery System is designed to give you strategic, personal support by phone and email so you can navigate your personal recovery journey and rebuild a life you love.

“I cannot thank you enough for your wise counsel and compassionate support!”

You can live and love again!

Maybe you’ve been to counselors and support groups. Maybe you’ve read books about grief. But none of them have helped you design a new life.

Widowhood is a wilderness.
You need a guide who knows the territory.

You want your joy back. You want fulfillment. You might even want love.

“I have made huge progress in reducing my anxiety levels
and building my confidence.”

I’ve helped hundreds of women recover from loss and rebuild healthy lives through my retreats and the widows’ recovery system and I’m ready to help guide you out of the wilderness.

If you’re reading this, that means you’re ready to move forward with your life. I honor the guts that it takes to do this and I want you to have the support and encouragement you need to rebuild your future.

I am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and a widow. I know what it takes and I want to support you.

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