Just Stop!

If you avoid thinking about what you’re afraid of in this new life alone, you’ll just sabotage yourself. It’s really not very kind to you to do this!

There’s another way and that’s to name some fears and then use a release technique (I like the STOP technique by Harvard psychologist Dr. Rudolph Tanzi.) to let go of the nervous energy you have gathered around each concern.

Want to try it? Here’s how:

Over a week-long period, name a fear from this list and then use the STOP practice immediately after you write each it down. Each named fear should have its own STOP practice. If you find that some of these fears are deeper than others, repeat the STOP as many days as you need to feel release, looking deeper each time at what you are feeling. ;

S: Just stop
T: Take 3 deep breaths
O: Observe how you are feeling
P: Proceed with awareness

Now, look at your fears regarding these areas of your life. Acknowledge them and apply the STOP technique as soon as you write them down:


I am afraid that ___________________________________________________________________________________.STOP


I am afraid that ___________________________________________________________________________________STOP


I am afraid that: __________________________________________________________________STOP


I am afraid that __________________________________________________________________. STOP

Understanding that the changes you face in almost every aspect of your life as a widow require a calm mind is an important realization. Don’t let fear overwhelm you. Face it head on with exercises like this. The Widows Recovery System offers ideas like this on a weekly basis and gives you the support you need to move forward. You can do it, I can help!

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