Moving Forward

Ever get that frozen feeling? The one where you’re worried that IF you set a new goal for yourself or try to move forward you’ll fail because you’re in this all alone now? This happened to me a lot when I was recovering and it kept me feeling frozen and stuck.

Then I came across some really interesting tips from psychologists at Harvard. The first is that it helps to have a support system, primarily for accountability (well, duh!). But there is also a little formula that they have discovered that makes almost any goal more likely to succeed. It goes by the acronym SMART.

S is for specific. For instance, a goal of “I want to be happy.” Isn’t very specific. But a goal of “I want to take yoga classes twice a week because they make me happy” is.

M stands for measurable. This means if you decide to do yoga twice a week you put it on your calendar!

A is a reminder to make sure it’s an achievable goal. “I want to be happy” is too broad to be achievable in one step. “I want to take 2 yoga classes every week” is achievable. Each achieved goal gives you renewed courage for the next one so this is important!

R stands for realistic. It may seem counterintuitive, but choosing the change you most want to make—like losing weight or being happy—won’t bring as much success as choosing the change
 you’re most confident you’ll be able to make. Focus on sure bets, like eating an additional serving of fruit every day rather than losing weight. Especially when you want to make changes in lots of areas of your life, you want to build on small successes.

T reminds you to set a time commitment. “Starting tomorrow, I’ll add fruit to my breakfast every day for a month to get more fruit in my diet.” Time commitments are another great way to ensure your success.

The SMART technique has helped a lot of widows in the Recovery System succeed in making changes to their lives. It’s a proven system of breaking big goals down into smaller ones so that your success is assured.

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