Need Some Help Navigating Widowhood?

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like life is pushing you around. It can feel like you’re going through the motions of life without living it.

And your spouse is not there to help anymore so you’re negotiating all of it alone and that can make things really rough.

To successfully navigate widowhood, a dual process ideally happens simultaneously: You allow yourself to heal from the loss AND you keep moving forward in rebuilding your own life.

Finding people who will support you is key. You’ve probably got a friend  who really wants you to “move forward, maybe even date somebody!” And you might have a support group that understands that you are grieving. But most people really don’t understand how many changes you are negotiating because they simply don’t understand that your spouse’s death turned your life absolutely, totally upside down. (In defense of your relatives and friends, it’s a hard thing to understand until it happens to you!)

But here you will find that understanding. You’ll receive a proven system to heal your heart and rebuild your life and the guidance of a fellow widow who knows the journey you’re on to guide you through it. Find out more about how the Widows Recovery System can help you.

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