Release that which no longer serves you.

Have you ever noticed that some days are just more challenging than others? Like today for instance? Often days like this seem bad because they are quietly filled with triggers that remind you of past pain or unresolved anger. Now, once it’s triggered, your mind reaches deep into its big old memory bank of “stuff that sucked” and your good mood just goes blowing out of the window for the rest of the day.

When that happens, you forget who you are. It’s not your fault, but you allow the moment to take over, to move you to words or actions you later regret. That’s on the days when you’re feeling brave. On those “other” days, you may withdrawal into a stony silent place, maybe with a stiff drink. But neuroscience says your mind is hardwired to remember pain more than pleasure, fear more than love because that’s how the human brain evolved to protect us when humanoids were first learning to stand erect and leave their caves.

Of course now you’ve been walking on two legs so long that your 90 days or so of crawling have been long forgotten. You probably don’t live in a drippy cave or whack a hoofed animal over the head with a club and eat it on the lawn either. But it sure doesn’t seem to take long for the most primitive and immature parts of yourself to surface once they’re triggered, does it? And the sad thing is, many people around you don’t even know they have “triggers” which explains all the walking wounded you encountered today. They’re the ones who might have shot you a dirty look at work or frowned as you passed them in the store or, ugh, raised that middle finger at you on the highway. You need to “forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Really, you do. Annoying as these famous words are, they’re what’s good for you. Forgiveness is a powerful practice. Especially on days when you’ve got enough bad juju going on inside to fuel a jet to Mars (which it couldn’t do, which is exactly the point).

The problem with these primate-style reactions is that person they injure the most is you. You’re the one whose blood pressure rises, you’re the one who can barely breathe, yes, you’re the one who can’t eat because your stomach is turning.

So if this is you and if today is one of those days, click here to listen to a releasing meditation. (If it’s not, lucky you, save it for a rainy day.) It will take about 10 minutes. Okay, maybe 11. That sounds like a long time but it’s really not and it’s worth it. Because it’s time to just relax already, to remember who and whose you are. It’s time to let go of what the pressures of the world are doing to you and help heal yourself. So find a comfy place to sit and just let go. Let go of all the hurt that isn’t really yours to hold anyway. Just breathe for a few minutes and watch your heart open and expand. Ah…that’s better. Click here.

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