“What I liked was not only the sharing with other widows, which is SO wonderful, but also receiving the expertise of a widow-leader. I would tell other widows to GO!”
Retreat Participant Susan Smialowicz

Donna Marie provides retreat facilitation and take-home materials for both half-day and full-day retreats for widowed women.

These healing retreats are sponsored
by churches and civic groups as a ministry to the
widowed women in their midst.
2017 Retreat Sponsorship


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Donna Marie is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

“If a widow is not as independent as she needs to be or has reached a plateau, the retreat is a MUST! If a widow is well on her way to recovering somewhat, the retreat is MOST valuable!” Leslie Huntley

Why You Should Come to A Widow’s Tale Retreat

“This retreat is excellent – you should go – it’s so very helpful!” Erma McGimpsey

To be with other women who understand.

The first thing you’ll notice at this retreat is a room filled with other women who “get” what you’ve been through. There’s lots of laughter and chocolate, too.

“If you are feeling it, thinking it or questioning it, someone else is too! Come talk through it!” Tina Wilson

To recharge your batteries.

Give yourself a whole day of comfort and renewal. You’ll share stories and ideas for success with other widows. Assess where you are now and dream about where you’d like to be a year from now. Then make a practical plan!

“The retreat is a wealth of information, with the chance to connect with others in the same situation.” Jeanne Schwarting

It’s a chance to discover who you are “without the other.”

You were married a long time. Your identity was molded by your marriage. Discover who you are “without the other.” What do you want to do now? What hobbies and activities do you want to pursue? How can you develop new, supportive friendships?

“I thought I was the only one…being with the other widows, hearing their story and feelings was so great. Take the step to come!” Elizabeth Bauer

You’ll learn new strategies and get useful information.

A Widow’s Tale retreat is stuffed full of useful information that will help you recover from loss and rebuild a vibrant life you love. It has sessions about handling stress, getting better sleep, rebuilding your immune system and improving your emotional, physical and spiritual health. Donna Marie will share her research about recovery and wellness and you will learn how to apply these strategies and ideas to rebuild your life.

“Donna Marie is an excellent facilitator. I liked the stories…it was anecdotal, informative and humorous.” Dee Dee Messinger

You will spend the day relaxing, restoring and renewing.

Your retreat fee is all-inclusive and includes a “ladies lunch,” all retreat materials and snacks. In addition to the retreat itself, you’ll receive a take-home packet with the materials from the retreat and worksheets that will keep you moving forward!

“This retreat allows you to be open about feelings that may have been hidden or suppressed.” Karen Marshall

You deserve it.

You’ve been through a lot. Treat yourself to a day of gentle self-care, eye-opening ideas, stories, laughter and other women who get it. Hint: Wear comfy clothes and get ready to have a great time!

“The leadership was excellent and kept the program moving. I was surprised at how fast the time went! It provides positive reinforcement for the future.” Lynn Black

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“It was just wonderful and the participants formed an immediate community!”
Mary Soyenova