Sitting In Softness

There is a softness in the air today that speaks of rain. As the clouds come lower and almost merge with the earth there is a quiet surrender. Nothing can live without the rain. We are utterly dependent on it and yet helpless to provide it for ourselves.

When it is plentiful we take it for granted and use it with abandon. We bathe in it, swim in it, water our plants and lawns with it, wash our cars, and often waste it.

We always think we’ll have enough, until we don’t. When times of drought come we panic. We scan the skies and pin our hopes on every grey cloud, no matter how small. We feel as dry and thirsty as the earth that sits parched beneath our feet. We long for rain, need it desperately and yet cannot will it or curse it into being. Rain does not fall on a human schedule.

Love is like this, too. When we have it we use it with abandon, assuming it will always be there. We delight in the warm embraces and drink deeply from our lover’s lips. We grow close and snuggle away from the cold of life. The two lives grow together, each bringing safety and joy to the other. Yet with time, it is easy to grow lazy and forget to nurture the love in our lives. Which is a pity, because one day it will be gone. Then we’ll yearn for it, dream of it, but be unable to force it back into being.

Love and rain are gifts from God that we should never take for granted. When the softness descends and the rain comes, treasure it and use its wetness as a reminder to tell the people you love in your life that you treasure them, too.


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