One-on-One Support

Tired of trying to do it alone? Get the one-on-one, long-term support you need. I’ll work with you every other week by phone and together, we’ll work through the issues you’re experiencing. I’ve worked with hundreds of widows and I’ll share the wisdom and insights that we’ve discovered together. Plus, you’ll have access to the audio courses (7 in all) whenever it’s convenient for you and then complete the activities in the recovery workbook that will help you let go of guilt and grief, discern what changes you really want or need to make and move forward with clarity and support. You can email whenever you want, too! This is a real support system designed to give you what you need.

Did you know that most psychologists consider surviving the death of your spouse the hardest life-change there is because it affects almost every aspect of your life? You’re not just grieving, you’re trying to rebuild your ENTIRE life. That’s a lot. It just is. And I don’t want you to do that alone. That’s why I offer free copies of Widow magazine. It’s why I interview people for podcasts, it’s why I work with widows in retreat at churches and community centers across the country. And it’s why I developed this recovery system. I do all these things because I believe in you and I know just how unbelievably hard it is to rebuild your life as a single woman. I get it.

Real recovery takes time, commitment, and ongoing support from someone who really cares about you and knows what real recovery looks like. With the Widow’s Recovery System, you will receive my personal support in your recovery with knowledgeable and well-researched information that will systematically guide you as you rebuild YOUR new life!

I’m going to be honest with you, my goal is to help you rebuild a life you love, not just pat your back. Now that said, we’re going to have a lot of fun together doing this. Heck, who wouldn’t enjoy working with a woman who has been through hell and still kept going? Seriously, if you have survived widowhood this far, you’re among  the strongest, most loving, most resilient women I have ever met and I would be proud to work alongside you as you recover and rebuild your life!

If you are tired of feeling stuck, if you are tired of feeling invisible and sad, and if you are looking for someone who knows the path to recovery and if you’re ready to rebuild your life then you ARE ready for the Widow’s Recovery System. If this describes you, you’re in the right place.

If you’re like a lot of women I work with (heck, if you’re like me!) you probably hesitate to invest in your own well-being. If it’s something someone else needs, you’re on it. If it’s something you need, well, maybe you should wait or put that off for another year. Sound familiar? So, let me ask you a question: If your dog or cat were sick or hurt what would you do? 1. Take them to the vet so they can get the care they need? or 2. Shame them and say, “Quit feeling sorry for yourself and just overit!!” I’m not quite a mind-reader but I imagine you’d be kind to them and take them to the vet. So why is it so hard to be good to you?

Or, let’s say you had a toothache that wouldn’t go away, would you try to fix that yourself? Would you get out the screwdriver and drill and see what you could do about that? (Wait, how would you fit all the stuff in your mouth? And, it’s dark in there, could you see what you were doing?)  Or, better yet, let’s say you had a heart blockage and the doctor told you surgery was needed. Would you really try to be your own heart surgeon? Now that may sound laughable, but some things are too big, too specialized or just too danged hard to do all on our own.

Investing in yourself is hard at first, but it always pays off. Think about it! College pays off with increased confidence, knowledge and job opportunity; great vacations pay off (Did you know that people who take regular vacations are happier and might even live longer?); and of course taking good care of your body pays off. So, why WOULDN’T  you invest in your recovery from widowhood? What will you gain from the Widow’s Recovery System?

First off, you will no longer be trying to rebuild your life alone. This is something we will work on together, by Skype or phone, because it’s hard to recover without a guide that knows the paths that lead out of the woods. In these one-on-one sessions, we’ll look at ways you can improve your sense of well-being and build grief containers so you don’t get ambushed as you try to move forward. We’ll talk about the things that may be quietly holding you back and I will share my resources and recovery wisdom generously with you. I can’t do it for you but I’ll be there to support you. In between our regularly scheduled calls, you can email me for support when emergencies arise (because, hey, life happens!).

But that’s not all you need and that’s not all I want to give you. You see, what I want you to have  is a recovery system that you can use to gently and systematically rebuild your life. For over five years, I have been researching recovery methods, health and wellness, restorative nutrition, neural reprogramming, and grief from the bottom up.  I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a magazine publisher (I’m also a professional storyteller, which is why we’ll use YOUR story to help us determine what’s right for YOU.). In addition to your personalized support sessions, you will receive regular audio-course training in how to apply this research to your life. You’ll also have “homework” that lets you explore what you’ve learned at your own pace, in your own space. The Widow’s Recovery System is virtual learning at its best! I can’t rebuild your life for you but I can sure do it with you!

These regular audio courses will systematically guide you through assessment and exploration  of your personal health, wellness and happiness. I’m talking about your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Plus, the Widow’s Recovery System provides  you with the Widow’s Recovery System Workbook. Your workbook contains written resources that let you gain even more knowledge and insight into how you can best rebuild your life using the latest research and age-old wisdom. Additionally, your workbook also provides you with worksheets that give you insight into where you’re feeling stuck, how you want to improve your self-care, address health and financial concerns, and help you discover all the things you want to do with the rest of your beautiful life!

And here’s what else I get: A healthy recovery takes time. It takes intention and commitment. But you don’t have to do it alone. I’ve done it and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way with practical support by phone, Skype and email; the best research and wisdom on recovery and wellness through audio courses and your Widow’s Recovery System Workbook. But, most important of all, I want you to receive my personal love and encouragement. You’re one heck of a woman and I can’t wait to work with you to build the future that is YOURS to live!

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Widow’s Recovery Intensive – Six Months of Ongoing Support

6 full months of one-on-one support PLUS audio programs and worksheets to help you recover from Donna Marie Todd, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and Founder of A Widows Tale.

  • In-depth, one hour “Sacred Story Session” with Donna Marie
  • Twelve, 30-minute  bi-weekly “Recover and Reboot” Check-In” calls with Donna Marie
  • Twelve Audio Recovery Programs with Transcripts (one every other week!)
  • Personalized Recovery Workbook – mailed to your home
  • “What Do I Want To Do Now?” journal
  • Ongoing email support

$2,495 by check or credit card

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90 Day Recovery Breakthrough – Three Months of Ongoing Support

90 days of one-on-one support PLUS audio programs and Recovery Workbook activities that will give you clarity and focus about your life.

  • In-depth, one hour “Sacred Story Session” with Donna Marie
  • Six, 30-minute  bi-weekly “Recover and Reboot” calls with Donna Marie
  • Six Audio Recovery Programs with Transcripts (one every other week!)
  • Personalized Recovery Program Workbook – mailed to your home
  • Ongoing email support

$1,695 by check or credit card

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