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Let Me Help You Recover Faster and Smarter!

Well, let’s think about this logically. (You’re good at that, right?)
You’re  strong, savvy, smart, and determined. But you’re trying to recover from the biggest life change there is: widowhood.

Now this is hard, because you aren’t going to “get over it.” Your old life (the one with him) is never coming back. You probably get that by now. And the things you’re doing to get a new life don’t seem to be working. Which is why you might want my help.

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I help women get through grief and rebuild their lives. My gentle and steady support keeps you moving forward. My powerful and proven information system educates you about what has to happen for you to rebuild your life.

“She crafts strategies that are specific to my situation, but also provides strategies that have helped others rebuild their lives.” Denice, PA

If you are tired of feeling stuck and frustrated I can help you with that. I’m the right coach for you if you want to be lovingly guided by someone who knows what they’re doing and understands what you’re going through.  (I’m widow and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.)

Are you tired of trying to do this alone? Do you wish a strong, kind, knowledgeable woman would stand by your side and love you through rebuilding your life? Then you need me. That’s what I do.

“Your ability to re-frame my negative thinking into positive action steps I can take is so valuable. I can feel the changes happening inside me.”
Sue, Nevada

My coaching will get you through it. With highly personalized support and real, usable information about recovery from grief I’ll get you through it.  I’ll help you understand the “why” behind the feelings you’re having that just won’t go away and give you unlimited access to fascinating and information-packed  audio courses that unpack the emotions you’re experiencing. Then we’ll talk by phone, just the two of us, about all that.

So, are you willing to delve deeper into the science of what’s holding you back? Are you ready to get started building your new life? I knew you were! Let’s talk!


“Going through this program has given me so much insight into who I am, who I can become and where I am meant to go in this life.” Barb, IA


“It is such a comfort to be in the hands of someone who truly empathizes, listens intently, and responds with such compassion.”
Denice R, PA (pictured with me)


Every day you wait is another day without a plan. It’s another day when you aren’t taking the steps to move forward in your life. Another day without the loving support and powerful information that has helped so many widows. I coach widowed women and I want to help YOU.

“Thank you for another meaningful, helpful, and insightful sacred support call. Our time together energizes me. I feel optimistic after each conversation and know where to go and how to get there. I cannot thank you enough. I am feeling positive about my life for the first time since he died two years ago.”
Karen K, Hawaii

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