Understanding the Widows Recovery System


A proven system, created by a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and widow that supports you for fourteen weeks as you recover and rebuild your life. You’ll receive personal sacred support by phone and email, fascinating and information-packed online audio courses, a workbook with easy-to-use activities and self-assessments, and learn scientifically proven ways to heal from grief and embrace your future.

For fourteen weeks, you’ll receive personal, loving support from an experienced coach whose clients receive life-changing results like these:

“Going through this program has given me so much insight into who I am, who I can become and where I am meant to go in this life.”
Barb Crowder, Iowa

By now, you realize that your spouse’s death affected almost every aspect of your life. “Everything” is a lot of change to handle by yourself! To get through it, you need an experienced guide and a proven system!

“It is such a comfort to be in the hands of someone who truly empathizes, listens intently, and responds with such compassion.”
Denice R, Pennsylvania

You’re ready to do this but recovering from death and care-giving is hard stuff! That’s why the Widows’ Recovery System takes one thing at a time with loving, gentle, caring support and a proven system  that helps you rebuild your life, one day at a time.

“Your ability to re-frame my negative thinking into positive action steps I can take is so valuable. I can feel the changes happening inside me.” Sue R, Nevada

Every day you wait is another day without a plan. Another day when you aren’t taking the steps to move forward in your life. Another day without processing all the change that has happened to you. Experience the loving support and powerful information that has helped so many widows gently sort through the changes and embrace their future.

“Thank you for another meaningful, helpful, and insightful sacred support call. Our time together energizes me. I feel optimistic after each conversation and know where to go and how to get there. I cannot thank you enough. I am feeling positive about my life for the first time since he died two years ago.”
Karen K, Hawaii

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Widows’ Recovery System
Fourteen Weeks of Ongoing Personal Support

This proven system combines online learning and support with personal sacred support calls to bring you healing and help you navigate rebuilding your life.  You’ll learn how to heal your spirit and your body while you release guilt and grief, how to combat the PTSD that comes from the death, how rebuild your immune system, and  manage stress. You’ll self-assess your health and learn new ways to take care of yourself and powerful techniques for visualizing your future. It’s time to let go of what people who haven’t been widowed think you should do and find what’s right for you, week by week, with personal support from Donna Marie Todd, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, widow, and Founder of A Widows Tale.

Your investment includes fourteen weeks of entertaining and information-packed audio courses, personal sacred support calls that take you where you are without judgement and give you a personalized road map for how to get where you want to be, a study-at-home workbook, and unlimited, ongoing email support anytime you need it. Informative, engaging, personalized, experienced, and professional support for getting through the biggest change of your life. Yes, your future is worth it!

$1,695 by check or credit card

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