The Surviving the Holidays Recovery System

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Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to get through the holiday season with a peaceful heart, meaningful holiday activities, lots of emotional support, and minimal stress. It’s time to rethink your normal and build new traditions for your future!

If the thought of Christmas trees and holiday shopping and entertaining fill you with dread,  you’re not alone. The holidays can be a train wreck for widowed women. But you don’t have to get beat-up by the ho-ho-ho season. The Surviving the Holidays Program is here to help you with great information, easy to use activities that help you think about what YOU want now and my personal support by phone and email.

I’ll help you look for those special nuggets you can enjoy amidst all the holiday clutter and together we’ll develop strategies to keep you safe from toxic situations and people. You’ll feel more peaceful from the minute you sign up (Your first holiday gift is a special guided meditation set to lovely music that you can listen to right now and keep using whenever the stress hits.).

Registration ends November 30 and space is limited. I’m waiting to hear from you!