There’s nothing to worry about. You’re fine.

Ever get the feeling that people really don’t want to hear the truth about how you’re feeling? (Oh, that’s because they usually don’t.) We live in a “happy meal,” instant gratification, 3-day quickie-grief, death-phobic culture. Conversations about death (and how you’re surviving it) make most people exquisitely uncomfortable. When you feel like people really don’t want to hear about how you’re doing, your instincts are spot on.

As one of the widows in the Widows Recovery System says, “It’s like we don’t even have a language for what you and I are talking about right now. I’ve needed to talk about this for way longer than I thought. Just being able to say that makes me feel better. Just knowing somebody actually cares is healing me.”

Where do you go to safely discuss grief and your desire to rebuild your life? If you don’t have someone who can listen deeply, try journaling out your feelings at a set time every day, reading what you’ve written out-loud, and then sitting quietly for a few moments to honor yourself.

If you want a proven system to heal and rebuild your life, make an investment in your future with the Widows Recovery System. Practical knowledge, loving support, excellent audio courses, a practical workbook, and personal support calls guide you to that new life you know is possible. Schedule a complimentary call today!


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