What’s Your Story?

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you are a member of the sisterhood no woman wants to join. You’re on a journey to rebuild almost every aspect of your life. You don’t really have a choice about this. You will either rebuild or you will become the second victim of his death.

Each widow’s journey toward healing begins with the sacred sharing of her story. To have your story witnessed and held tenderly by another cracks open the dark recesses of your heart where you have kept your loss and pain hidden from view.

It can seem as though no one hears us when we are widowed. It can feel like no one is listening to you anymore. That simple sharing of life’s moments that you once took for granted is gone and a vast quiet takes over your life.

Yes, each widow has a story and I’d like to hear yours. But first, I want to tell you mine.

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Kim Armstrong


Listening to your story made me smile…. and then, it made me cry……

I lost my husband, Bill, nine months ago. He had cancer and it robbed us of so much Like your husband, Bill had his brain effected, as that’s where his cancer was. He was forgetful too sometimes, but he was always witty and brave, until the very end…..

I found your site when I was looking up blogs. I have thought about writing about my own loss. I am not a writer by any means, but I wonder if it would help me, with this tumultuous grieving process. I have some days that are so great… then others that I cry, over silly things and sometimes it’s just so overwhelming. I know there are so many other women who are going through what I am experiencing, I have actually met some who’s husband’s had the same cancer as my Bill. We share a terrible loss, but from that have been able to comfort each other, it’s weird how things work out sometimes…

Anyway​, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry for your loss and hope it helps to tell you your are doing a good thing for other women who have lost a spouse.

Many thanks,


Kim, I’m really sorry for what you have suffered. Cancer is an ugly companion and you are very brave to be looking for ways to move forward. You mention writing and I would encourage you to take up writing in a daily or weekly journal as a first step. It will put you in touch with your thoughts and feelings. As for my work…It is my honor to write for other women and to help them move forward from the pain of death. Love to you, Donna Marie

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