Who’s Helping You Climb?

When a new year starts, it’s easy to have resolutions. What’s yours this year?

I’m going to:_______________________________

You want to move forward! You want to recover from his death. The problem is that life has some weird expectations of widows. And one of them is that you should miraculously just “move on” in three days or less. You’re a brave and determined woman but that’s not real, is it?

Death took a lot out of you. Recovering is a long process. Grief takes a toll that our society doesn’t see.

Finding people to support you as you re-imagine your life is hard, too. Couple friends fade away. You often don’t have the energy to pursue new friendships. Memories and yearnings come like unwelcome visitors in the dark of night.

If you want to re-imagine your life, then let’s talk.

Your discovery call is my gift to you. It’s a chance to sort through the roadblocks society’s attitudes about widowhood might be placing in your way and learn about how the Recovery System will help you.

I believe you can move forward. I believe in the power of your spirit to help you reimagine life now. I would be honored to be your Yoda, your guide on the journey.

Start the new year believing in you. Let’s talk.

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