Donna Marie Todd

Hello, I'm Donna Marie Todd. I'm also a Widow.

My heart aches at the thought of what you are going through. I understand because I’ve been there, too. But I knew I HAD to rebuild my life! I didn’t want to be the second victim of my husband’s death.

I'm a Widow and a certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

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Donna Marie Todd

“I was just 55 when my healthy-as-a-horse, athletic husband died. Our son was newly sixteen. I was alone. And I collapsed inside. I barely made it through each day. My hopes and dreams for our future died with him. And no one seemed to know how I could get through it. 

I worked with a hospice bereavement team to get through my initial grief. But no one knew how I was supposed to rebuild my life. (Not my hospice counselor, not my doctor, not my pastor…)”

A Widow's Tale Assesment

Your grief recovery is a unique and complex journey. We want to learn more about where you are in your grief journey in order to provide resources that will help you where you are now and with your next step.

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I’ve done the research and the testing so you don’t have to.


From my Blog:

SAVE THE DATE: August 24-26, 2021 – A Widows Tale 3-day retreat!

The lobby of the Blue Ridge Assembly So many have asked for this that I just had to make it happen! A relaxing, fun, three-day retreat where we can dig deep into healing, learn lots, laugh much, eat great food, sit in the magnificence of nature, and find real rest and...

How You Can Manage Stress

Many of the widowed women I work with have either traumatic conditioning or full-blown PTSD. Like me, they have undergone so many stressful situations so many times that their bodies are now set on full-blown, on-going disaster mode. And, once the death occurs, this...

Are You Suffering from PTSD?

One of the widows I work with, whose husband had metastatic prostate cancer, went through 4 surgeries, each with a long and painful recovery, and 12 emergency room visits. When she passed out on ER visit #10, she ended up in the bed next to him on the verge of a heart...

How Stress Affects Your Health

If you were a caregiver for your spouse, as I was, you probably arrived at his death exhausted and with your own health in jeopardy. Many of the widows I work with have cared for their spouse for years and done things only trained nurses in a hospital did even 20...

How His Illness Might Have Affected Your Health

When someone you love becomes terminally ill or injured, your womanly instinct takes over. You first sort, then later administer, their medications, make notes at the doctor’s office, provide personal care, arrange for therapy sessions, provide updates to friends and...

Finances for Widows

Your financial life changed when he died. Now it’s time to build new muscles in managing your money!

What are you really grieving now?

I want to be really honest with you: Your biggest grief is not actually about him, no matter how hard that was or how much he suffered. It’s not about him. You have probably already mourned what he went through and what he lost. What you’re grieving now is what YOU...

Free Zoom Workshop

FINDING PEACE IN PANDEMIC TIMESEMAIL ME TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE! Sunday, March 7, 3-4p.m. EST It's coming up on a year. We've been isolating and staying home and forgoing trips to see family and friends for a year now. No wonder we're all so tired! For those who are...

Is Grief Holding You Back?

What would he want you to do now? Grief, shame and guilt. When my husband died at 55, I unwittingly invited all three Cinderella sisters to my pity party. (No one really wants to bring those girls to the ball but they show up anyway, don’t they, wearing some garish...

Valentine’s Day Zoom Event

It's the weekend of love. Cards, chocolate, flowers. You remember, right? But when your spouse is gone, it's often a lonely day, one that is filled with memories of days gone by. One that seems to make the loneliness of widowhood even more painful. Because I well-know...

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