Donna Marie Todd

Hello, I'm Donna Marie Todd. I'm also a Widow.

My heart aches at the thought of what you are going through. I understand because I’ve been there, too. But I knew I HAD to rebuild my life! I didn’t want to be the second victim of my husband’s death.

I'm a Widow and a certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

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Donna Marie Todd

“I was just 55 when my healthy-as-a-horse, athletic husband died. Our son was newly sixteen. I was alone. And I collapsed inside. I barely made it through each day. My hopes and dreams for our future died with him. And no one seemed to know how I could get through it. 

I worked with a hospice bereavement team to get through my initial grief. But no one knew how I was supposed to rebuild my life. (Not my hospice counselor, not my doctor, not my pastor…)”

A Widow's Tale Assesment

Your grief recovery is a unique and complex journey. We want to learn more about where you are in your grief journey in order to provide resources that will help you where you are now and with your next step.

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I’ve done the research and the testing so you don’t have to.


From my Blog:

Honor Your Love Story

In a divorce, a couple chooses not to be together. But widowhood isn't a choice. Widowhood happens TO you. That's why how you honor the story of your love with your spouse is really important to your healing. In our society, we are given 3 days to heal. That's just...

Time Is Running Out to Register! It's going to be so awesome! All we need now is YOU! Registration Closes on Monday, August 9th at midnight! You deserve this retreat. Come join us. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Meet Our 3-Day Retreat Leaders: Danielle Sangita Rottenberg, M.Ed., LMBT

Danielle Sangita Rottenberg, M.Ed., LMBT, is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Reiki Healer, retreat leader, and author. She has been certified as a yoga teacher since 2004 receiving both her 200-hour and 500-hour training. Over the...

Meet Our Nutrition Coach for the 3-Day Retreat: Cynthia Moore. You will not meet a more knowledgeable, experienced, and gentle nutritional coach than Cynthia Moore, MS, RDN, CDE, NBC-HWC.

Cynthia Moore is one fabulous woman. I first met Cynthia at a retreat and was immediately impressed by the gentleness of her spirit and the breadth of her knowledge. But it was when she started sharing information about how I could heal a digestive problem I was...

For Years, You Put Everyone Else First. Let’s Change That.

Put Yourself First at This 3-Day, All-Inclusive Retreat just for Widows! August 24, 25, and 26. You deserve to get away. You deserve a time to rest and play. You deserve to learn new ways of facing the challenges of your new solo life. You deserve this 3-Day retreat...

Refusing to be a Victim

The single most important choice a widow has to make is this: Do you want to be a victor or the 2nd victim of your spouse's death? It sounds like an easy question, but it's not. Because there is tremendous societal support for the victim mentality. AND, unlike a...

Thirsty for Understanding

There's nothing like sharing stories over a cup of coffee. It's done all over the world. In cafes, coffee houses, homes, and most especially, in retreat centers. The simplest things are often the best. Sitting with someone who understands your point of view, who cares...

The Hardest Part is the Loneliness.

This 3-Day, All-Inclusive Retreat Will Help You Get Your Happy On! Here's what my widowhood looked like: First 3 days - More calls than I could handleNext 3 years - When the phone rang, it was a telemarketer. I needed other people. But no one seemed to know what to do...

Is It Time to Let Go?

It's funny what we hold onto in the name of love. My husband died ten years ago. Some times that seems like yesterday and sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago. It just depends on the day. Part of my husband's estate was his share of an old family farm. On the 200...

Star-Gazing and Story-Swapping

A retreat with rocking chairs and fire-pits? I'm in. You can see the stars from here. I mean you can REALLY see the stars at the Blue Ridge Assembly. Because you are sitting in the middle of 1200 acres of mountain majesty. People have come to these beautiful grounds...

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