After rebuilding my own life, I have helped hundreds of widowed people, all across the US and Europe, move forward, rebuild their lives, and reclaim their joy.


“Great teacher and researcher.”

  – Barbara

“You’ll learn useful and effective coping tools to deal with stress and grief.”   – Ida-Anne

Hello, I’m Donna Marie Todd

It’s hard for most people to understand the avalanche of feelings that a newly widowed person experiences.

Instead of helping,  most people say the wrong things. (In fact, they often say really stupid things.) You suddenly find yourself on the outside looking in at life. Your friends and family don’t really know what to do or what to say or how to help.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been there. I am a widow, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and life coach for widowed persons.

My husband died in 2011. He was healthy as a horse and never sick a day in his life until a 5 and 1/2 inch blood clot flew from his left carotid artery into his brain.

Widowhood is freaky hard. I get it. I fought hard to rebuild my life and I learned a lot about how to recover from trauma (which is what widowhood is) along the way.

I made it. But not everyone survives widowhood. In fact, 70% of widowed people become chronically ill or die within three years of their spouse (That’s a CDC Statistic). Widowhood changes just about every aspect of your life: social, sexual, financial, emotional, practical, parental, familial. That’s a lot of change, isn’t it?

And all that change is why traditional “grief groups” aren’t enough. What you are dealing with is grief PLUS multiple life changers and stressors. Yes, you want to heal from your grief but you also have to get your life back together. That’s where my magazine, blog, podcast, book, online video programs, retreats, and personal coaching come in.

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Navigating Loss Survival Program

The program gives you both a guidebook (Navigating Loss: A Survival Guide for the Newly Widowed) AND a six-part video series.

Each video leads you through a different aspect of recovery and ends with a guided meditation for deep healing. Again, I want to help you, no matter what, so it’s only $49.

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Personal Coaching

My one-on-one personal coaching program is what can help you the most. However, it requires both an investment in your own healing and the desire to heal and move forward.

  • This program gives you all of the resources of the Navigating Loss program, plus:
  • Highly personalized support by phone for an hour, every other week!
  • Informative audio courses, and a recovery workbook with readings and activities to release grief and explore new personal possibility.