I just recorded a podcast with the team of HER TWO CENTS about finances for widows. Click here to listen!

These gals are wonderful people and they are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS, not salespeople or investment brokers. AND, they only work with women! (Hence the “Her Two Cents” moniker)

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that your financial life changed when he died. Maybe you were blindsided and now dealing with more limited funds than before. Maybe you received life insurance (Like that replaces them in our lives!) and are unsure as to how to best utilize the funds.

I don’t know about your life, but my husband handled our finances. I didn’t have bank passwords or investment records (He kept them on his computer and after his first stroke, he couldn’t remember his passwords – why write those down, right?) It was a mess to sort out. Did your spouse handle the money? If so, you’re now faced with building financial know-how muscle.

There’s a whole chapter of Navigating Loss devoted to this subject. I hope you’ll make the small investment in your own healing by purchasing the Navigating Loss program. You’ll get the book and the six videos for only $49.

In the meantime, give this podcast with these knowledgeable women a listen. It will be worth your while!