Isolation is a part of widowhood we all know, all too well. For many of us, it keeps us trapped in the sorrow of what was and locked away from the joy of what still can be. When people ask me what we get from going to a retreat, finding understanding and loving community is the first thing that comes to mind.

A Widows Tale retreat cohort

A retreat is about being together, laughing, sharing stories, hugs, food, and fellowship. It is about learning new ways to cope with loss and the stress of loneliness. It is a safe place to explore what we want next, and to receive the support of others who believe we still have a right to happiness.

And now, we do not have to wear masks unless we feel that we should. Now, we can come together in a beautiful place to find relaxation, peace, and new information about loss, stress, grief, renewal, and to bask in compassion.

That is why I am offering this special, 3-day, all-inclusive retreat in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina.

Learn more and register here! You deserve something special!