Many widows have dealt with Alzheimers, a horrible disease that robs them of the person they love one day at a time. This poem was written by Karen Kuester, a widow in Hawaii who is working in the Widows Recovery System. She wrote it about her father. It really reflects the feelings that arise as you see your loved one disappear.

Ode to Alzheimer’s
By Karen Kuester

I hear the silence where there once were words
I want you back to talk with me.

I smell the urine on you clothes
I want your body whole again.

I see the blank stare in your eyes
I want to see the lively sparkle.

I stroke your numb swollen legs
I want them to dance again.

I see the disease eating you away
I want it to feed elsewhere.

I taste death on your plate
I want to order from a different menu.