The Navigating Loss Program is an affordable and meaningful bereavement resource for your clients

The program includes both a paperback handbook and a six-part video series

This program from author Donna Marie Todd, a widow and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist,® was developed during five years of in-person grief recovery workshops with hundreds of widowed persons. Featuring information from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and Duke University researchers (among others), it provides resources and strategies for the complex range of challenges almost all newly widowed persons experience.

During a time when in-person services are reduced or unavailable, the Navigating Loss program is a particularly valuable resource. The Navigating Loss Program provides up to four months of grief support for widowed persons in the privacy of their own home.


With an authentic, engaging, and encouraging tone, this easy-to-read, paperback book is a comprehensive guide for the widowed person. It is designed to be used weekly, one chapter at a time, to provide four and half months of ongoing information and support.

To complement the book and provide even more support, the Navigating Loss Video Program offers a six-week video bereavement course carefully designed for the newly widowed.



  • This video series has been reviewed, edited, and approved by physicians, psychologists, pastors, chaplains, and bereavement specialists, The videos follow the trajectory of the book and provide encouragement, additional resources and strategies, stories from the journeys of other widows and widowers, and healing meditations and visualizations for deep release of stress and grief.
  • Each video is a grief retreat your client accesses in the privacy of their own home via a computer, tablet, or smart phone and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Clients receive the link to the videos from a letter placed inside their book or in an email from your sales team or bereavement specialist.
  • The Navigating Loss Bereavement Program is designed to be affordable for sponsoring organizations. Volume discounts and yearly subscriptions are shown below.

“This resource accompanies the reader through grief’s physical and emotional challenges, financial and medical issues…even dating and remarriage.”

Patricia Shearer

MD, MS, Palliative Care Physician

“I know this book will be a welcomed resource for many, including hospital chaplains, Palliative Care and Hospice teams, and grief recovery support groups.”

Amy Gollinger

MD, Critical Care Physician



5,000+ units $13
2,500+ units $15
1,000+ units $17
500+ units $19
200+ units $20
100+ units $25
50+ units $30
20+ or less units $40 *

*Retail price of the program is $49