A Widows Tale retreat cohort

The single most important choice a widow has to make is this: Do you want to be a victor or the 2nd victim of your spouse’s death?

It sounds like an easy question, but it’s not. Because there is tremendous societal support for the victim mentality. AND, unlike a divorce, which is something you do, widowhood is something that happens to you and that can leave you feeling helpless.

Survival isn’t really about how strong you are (although you better be!). It is about how kind you will be to yourself. It’s about how actively you will seek and claim your healing from the SINGLE most devastating loss anyone can ever experience. (American Psychological Assoc.)

It’s hard to do alone. And widowhood brings a lot of aloneness with it.

My new 3-day, all-inclusive retreat is designed to be a deep-dive into new friendships. It’s a deep dive into the science of trauma recovery. You’ll meet three delightful experts in finance, nutrition, and resilience through self-care practices.

This retreat is a deep-dive into your own story: how to share it, understand it, and reframe it to create a new normal.

And most of all, it’s a chance to kick back, eat food you didn’t have to cook, make new friends, laugh a bit, paint a silk scarf and just relax.

Here’s to your healing dear one! Click here to learn more and to join us!