A retreat with rocking chairs and fire-pits? I’m in.

You can see the stars from here. I mean you can REALLY see the stars at the Blue Ridge Assembly. Because you are sitting in the middle of 1200 acres of mountain majesty.

People have come to these beautiful grounds for years to find peace, healing, and renewal. The experienced staff at the conference center is friendly and attentive. The programs Donna Marie has planned are eye-opening and fun.

The expansive lobby and large outside patio give you lots of places to sit and think or enjoy a story-swap with your new friends and fellow widows.

Three days of relaxation, good food you didn’t have to cook, hotel-style lodging, and fantastic fun. Yes, you will be learning a lot. But, no, it won’t feel like school. You will feel understood, loved, and cared for. That’s a promise or your money back!

Give yourself the gift of a little star-gazing and story-swapping. It’s been a long, hard journey. You deserve some joy!

Register today!