“Navigating Loss” addresses the unique challenges and concerns of widowhood. It provides a proven system for recovering from grief and rebuilding your life as a solo person.


  • Receive siz weekly video lessons that will help you understand your loss and grief and guide you through rebuilding your life without your spouse.
  • e-copy of Navigating Loss: A Survival Guide for the Newly Widowed.
  • This book offers an 18-week program for ongoing support.
  • With eighteen different topics and eighteen different ways to take practical steps forward (one for each week!) it walks you through the challenges of widowhood.

The Navigating Loss Program provides deep insights into how to work with your grief, recover your own physical health, understand the different types of depression, organize your new life, how to fight stress, how to plan for special occasions and holidays. Even what to consider before dating and remarriage.

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