There’s nothing like sharing stories over a cup of coffee.

It’s done all over the world. In cafes, coffee houses, homes, and most especially, in retreat centers.

The simplest things are often the best. Sitting with someone who understands your point of view, who cares about how life impacted you, and wants you to succeed and be happy. When a cup of coffee is shared in this way, it is life-giving.

When I was widowed one of the daily things I missed the most was that shared time with our morning coffee. We’d review our plans for the day, figure out when we were going to catch back up for dinner. We were two-cups of coffee people and it was hard to adjust to the loneliness that descended when I started drinking my coffee alone. (I solved that problem by getting a part-Jack Russell who likes to cuddle during coffee time, but it was dicey for a while there!)

One of the experiences that I like to provide in my retreats is slow-time. Slow time to get to know the gal next to you, to share a pastry and a cup of coffee. Maybe toast your survival over a glass of vino or sparkling water at cocktail time. It is the small decompression times in life that often give us the most healing.

I create a retreat experience where you will form community quickly. Because that is the most valuable gift I can provide: an understanding and supportive community.

I hope to see you there! We’re going to have a BLAST. Join me!